The students of the Work School «Teruel 2017.800 Years of the Lovers» throughout the duration of this that will finish on June 11, have received different training within their certificates, a part of this learning has been based on English, that began teaching at the beginning of last August of 2017 and will end next May 15, after a total of 300 teaching hours.

With in this training, different areas have been taught, giving special attention to the vocabulary related to the different certifications that will be granted to students at the end of the workshop school.

As closure of the teaching, each of the students has made an exhibition of a monument of the city of Teruel, first, preparing it on paper and then one morning moving to each of them to explain the characteristics of the place. and all this in English. Very peculiar in some case.

The different monuments explained have been the following:
– Torre San Martín (San Martin tower)
– (Cathedral of Santa Maria )
– (Medieval Wall )
– (Aqueduct of The Arches )
– (Torico Square)
– (Cisterns)
– (Mausoleum of lovers)
– (Marin theater)
– (Vaquilla Monument)
– (Viaduct)
– (Oval walk)
– (Staircase)
– (San Salvador tower)
– (The Franciscans church)

From here to thank the teacher María Dolores Pérez Carrascoso for all the patience and motivation she has put on her part for the correct teaching and learning of the students, that someone has cost a little more.

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